Monday, June 30, 2008


I had mixed feelilngs about leaving jail. My spirit was re-energized there, for reasons not even clear to me. Coming home created new challenges. My mother was admitted to the hospital the day I was released from SeaTac and died thirteen days later. Processing these two major events in my life has been rough, but I'm working my way through it, and making notes of the signs floating my way.

I will help facililate an educational module on prison reform in the Fall and with the cooperation of the Director of the local detention center, will start collecting books (paper back only) for the inmates. I correspond and support lady inmates at SeaTac and they continue to minister to me from behind those locked steel doors.

I communicate with many of the SOAW 11. They, like me, are trying to understand the changes we all feel inside from spending time in jail. I eagerly await to re-unite with them during the November Vigil in Columbus, at the next SOAW rally. Did we make a difference by crossing the line?? The answer has always been YES. Visable changes in ourselves and invisible changes we don't even fathom. There is movement in the legislative process for defunding SOA/WHINSEC. Demanding transparency has cleared the House and it goes on to the Senate. Being a tiny puzzle piece in that big picture soothes my heart.

For you out there in cyber-space: Extend yourselves in one small way. Pull out of the "I" realm into the "WE" realm, and act on it. The result will be clarity for you and a goodness for the world.

Pax Tecum