Wednesday, November 5, 2008


I remember when John F. Kennedy was elected President. I was too young to vote, but the feelings of unity and pride of country bore themselves into my soul. And those feelings stayed there and substained me for decades. But for many years now, they have stayed silent and dorment, while I have been lethargic and deeply concerned about the path our country has been on.

And then last night happened. A night I was nervous about because I wanted it to much, because during this amazing campaign, those long ago dimmed hopes exploded to life and hope became real again. I cried when Barack Obama won the election. I was not the only one, to be certain, but if he could awaken the spark of unity and honor and pride of country in this old woman, what did he do for the future of us all?

I remember the Civil Rights Movement, when the dignity of man was largely ignored. When Martin Luther King, Jr. shared his dream of being "free at last" Well, guess what...last night we all gave each other a gift. We all became free at last! We chose to be the deciders of our own destiny. No more fear or inertia or indifference. We will, with Barack Obama's help, follow a different path, work on a new understanding, and become a proud American citizen of the world.

I have come full circle and I am once again, ready to embark on a new adventure.

Pax Tecum