Tuesday, December 14, 2010


I have never been afraid of the dark. I've felt that it offers me a protective covering, a kind of warm fleece snuggie. And I have always been in love with stars, and they just don't happen without dark. I find this time of year interesting. As we march to the shortest day of the year, it always brings out the hope and the anticipation of that first Christmas night.

I'm always ready for the season of Advent. It slows me down, it allows me to get ready. Not for the crazy holiday push to acquire, but for the fullfillment of a longing, a yearning for the union of Emmanual with us, and the knowledge that since He came and lived among us, we have the tools to continue the journey.

This year, the coming of the Babe has an even deeper meaning as we wait for another babe to be born. This one will arrive in March, also with great anticipation. As we prepare for the birth of both babies, I can't help but marvel at the goodness of God. He showered the night with stars to announce the arrival of His gift to us. And He has filled the night with stars since then to remind us that great gift continues down through time and appears continually in all births.

I welcome short days and long nights. The time for Jesus and hope and renewal is here. Then it's on to March! And the mystery of a new birth that will allow me to be GRAMMA for the first time! Merry Christmas!

Pax Tecum