Wednesday, December 31, 2014


I find it hard to believe this year, 2014, is gone.  I did not blog once. Me, who always enjoyed writing, was not writing in 2014.  OK, why not?

It was a beautiful year, as they all are. I worked on projects, and watched the birds eating at our feeder. I read and walked in the foot-hills and volunteered, and visited family and friends. I really did try to live in the moment. I relearned how to play and love the now of every little thing. I had a good teacher, my three year old grand-son. There is a reason grand-children come later in life...when you think you have it all figured out, they come to remind you of the things you left behind, like pure joy and delight in being alive.

The condition of the world has saddened me. There is so much inhumanity to man. I want to fix it, but haven't a clue how.

I think I will laugh and laugh and laugh. That certainly can't hurt.

So,come on in NewYear, sneak right past me. I will be here, watching and writing! Welcome!

Pax Tecum