Monday, August 25, 2008


I notice there is a little coolness in the air. It's just a hint but nature is telling me, in a gentle way, that Fall looms ahead.

The summer went fast. Jail time and my Mom's death threw me into June. It brought a large, always fun family reunion in Northern Wyoming, the birth place of the Kraen and Bates families. We had smiles from Heaven all during that time.

July was a busy home month and August brought busy big-time. With family and extended family we attended my nephew's wedding at Lake Tahoe. Spending time there and in the Reno area was fun and renewed memories of how neat that area is. The wedding on the beach was beautiful as was the yacht trip on Lake Tahoe to Emerald Cove. How gorgeous that was! Good company and good times, especially joyful after the sadness we experienced in May.

Last week I went to Denver as a volunteer for the Democratic National Convention in partnership with the Denver 2008 Convention Host Committee. I was assigned to the American Presidential Experience, a nonpartisan tribute to Presidential History. It was located in a 40,000 square foot tent in the parking lot at Invesco Field at Mile High. What fun that was! The exhibit included such things as a replica of the West Wing, Air Force One, famous chairs used by presidents, JFK and Jackie Kennedy items, first ladies gowns, and one of the remaining original copies of the Declaration of Independence.

The biggewst thrill was meeting the other volunteers. So many came from all over the country to be there. Committed, articulate volunteers who wanted to be a part of the process. The three days were wonderful. My husband and I re- acquainted ourselves with Denver, and spent some quality time in Boulder with my daughter and her fiance. Now I can spend this Convention week holed up in my house watching the events in Denver in TV, knowing I helped out a little bit.

Pax Tecum