Monday, October 15, 2007


If you ever wondered what Fall is all about, (you in Houston or Phoenix might question it), you need to be in Wyoming now. This morning the sun looks crisp, frost covers the roofs of houses, and the mountain sends her message: get ready, things are about to change in a big way. I love October. It's a transitional month, taking our hand, leading us from the heat of summer into the stark coldness of Winter. I love Wyoming. This beautiful place where nature speaks to you in the warmth of the sun, in vivid colors, in falling leaves, and in crisp fall mornings. You know that days ahead of searing cold winds and blowing snow and harsh sunlight will be here all to soon.

This special place speaks to us and prepares us for what's ahead. It's comforting to know that despite the hard winters, nature is predictable in the changing of the seasons. We know what's coming, so button down the hatches, stock-pile the pellets and get ready! Were that man made situations could be as comforting. Issues of our making such as war, injustice, poverty and the many other problems we perpetuate change in a heart-beat without warning or preparation.

Why can't we take a lesson from the seasons?

Pax Tecum

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