Thursday, March 6, 2008


February was a very long month, and there was a very large elephant in the room. But on Monday, March 3, the telephone call from the Feds finally arrived.

I am to report on April 3 at the Sea-Tac Federal Detention Center in Seattle. I felt instant relief. Now I have a date and a place to complete the last phase of my action for justice. I will be in for 30 days. I will spend Easter on the outside and march toward Pentacost on the inside. I plan to participate in the SOAW fast for 3 days in late April and I would encourage you to do likewises. You can get more information from the SOAW website (

Thanks to all for your interest, and prayers. I will be remembering you in all my prayers in prison. I ask that you remember the poor and powerless in Latin America and to encourage your U.S. Reps to stop the funding for WHINSEC. The Establishment never moves unless they are pushed by the people. And the people are us!

Pax Tecum

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