Monday, May 28, 2007

Memorial Day, 2007

This Memorial Day in Casper, Wy. is a beautiful day. Perhaps summer is coming to stay awhile. It's time for kicking back and cooking outside and reflecting a bit on the ways and the whys of our lives. My oldest daughter, Tara and her friend, (my friend too) are running the Boulder-Boulder today, so I wish them well, and hope they improve their times considerably! Middle daughter, Katie spent the last couple of days in the Jackson Hole area, right in the heart of true Heaven country! And youngest daughter, Lisa has just moved back to Casper from Billings. We (hubby Tom and I) went up to help her move. I thank her for doing it at this time, because the country between here and there is absolutely beautiful. Wild flowers abound and everything is so green. Please, let us take care of it forever! We truly felt a kinship with this gift of space on the trip.

After returning from the Washington Peace March, I came home to Casper, and we had a peace march here on Armed Services Day. About 50 people marched to the Veteran's Park where we found a number of angry veterans shouting at us and invading our space, telling us to get out of their park and calling us communist losers. It was a confrontation we had not expected and it was a little frightening. We kept our cool and walked slowly through the Park and marched back to our starting point. It was a stark reminder of the way this war has impacted all of us, and strong feelings about it are not only displayed in Washington, but in our very own neighborhoods too. Remember: War is not healthy, ever! Pax Tecum

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