Tuesday, May 22, 2007

A Mothers Day Unlike Others

Mother's Day was different this year. I was not with immediate family, didn't receive flowers, and didn't go out to dinner. Instead I opted to be in Washington,DC visiting the Pink House and the White House. I hung out in Lafayette Park and walked in the "mother of A March" through the streets of Washington to the Capitol. Cindy Sheehan led us. We numbered about 350 people strong, all of us committed to make a statement that war is not acceptable to mothers and is not healthy for our children and other living things.

I went because I had to. After all I have learned in the past year about the injustice in the world, I have become accountable to use my spirit and strength to protest the powers that are able to lead us into chaos. How does one person from Wyoming influence the world stage? One way is by putting yourself on the stage with other like-minded people and making noise so loud that it rattles the walls of the rooms the elected ones sit in. That is the way we become the deciders.

And so two people from Wyoming, Roxie and I, went to witness with other peace loving men and women, the power of the people. The women we met were focused and extremely courageous. Many were arrested for civil disobedience, willing to face jail to nail home their message: End This War Now! And a mother's plea: WAR, NEVER AGAIN!!!

Our trip was possible because of the wind beneath our wings. Our families, Gene David"s hospitality in Baltimore, our friends who were unable to go themselves but encouraged us, and prayers that were felt throughout the entire experience. Thanks to you all. Pax Tecum

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Awesome work Mom!